Narcís Turon is head of the Department of Youth Policy of the City of Girona. For twenty-five years he has worked in youth policies locally, carrying out projects linked to the promotion of youth employment, youth access to housing, educational achievement, information and culture for young people, preventative policies for health, educational leisure and managing public facilities for young people. He is assistant professor of Pedagogy at the University of Girona. The subject of his classes is the evaluation of projects, programs and youth policies.


Novella, A.; Úcar, X.; Turon, N.; Rodrigo, P.; Arenillas, M.; Páez, J. (2016). “El empoderamiento juvenil desde los jóvenes. Procesos de evaluación participativa” [“Youth empowerment from young people. Processes of participatory evaluation”] in Soler, P.; Bellera, J.; Planas, A. (Eds.) (2016). Pedagogía Social, Juventud y Transformaciones Sociales [Social Pedagogy, Youth and Social Transformations]. Girona: Pedagogía Social, Juventud y Transformaciones Sociales, pp. 329-335. ISBN: 978 84 8458 472 8.