Social Worker, Master in Social Work. Currently, she holds a doctorate studies in the Department of Systematic and Social Pedagogy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​awarded by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile (CONICYT).

Since 2014, she has been a scholar at the Social Work School of the Universidad Santo Tomás de La Serena, Chile. She is also a member of the CLACSO Ecosystem and Society Working Group and she is a member of the coordination team of the Network of Chilean Researchers in Spain (Red Inche).

Since 2000, she has been developing as a coordinator of various community programs of popular education and sociocultural animation with social leaders, young people and settlers. She has experience in participatory methodologies of research – action and social intervention.

Her line of research addresses the environmental issue and the social-nature link, with emphasis on processes of educational actions against subservient disasters and global environmental change.



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