Alan Salvadó is has been a professor of Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) since 2006, but he has also taught at Ramon Llull University and ESCAC (School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia) since 2013. He holds a PhD in Social Communication from this University, a Masters in Advanced Studies in the same field, and an undergraduate degree in Audiovisual Communication (UPF). Alan Salvadó has also taught as a visiting scholar in the Department of Cinema at the Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle University (France). His work as an academic in these centers ranges from Film History (Classical and Modern) and Cinema Aesthetics to Spanish Cinema and Film-Direction Analyses. He is a member of the Pedagogical Committee of the international Masters in Cinema Studies at UPF, which is a collaboration between 13 European universities. In the field of research, Alan Salvadó has contributed to several studies, most of them developed by recognized research groups such as CINEMA (UPF) or IRCAV/CRECI (Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle). His thesis is focused on the relation between cinema and landscape.


Book chapters:

SALVADÓ, Alan: “ ‘Five’, le chemin vers le paysage: une nouvelle conception de l’espace et du temps dans le cinéma contemporain” [‘Five’, the path toward landscape: a new understanding of space in contemporary cinema] in DUBOIS, Philippe (Ed.): Oui c’est du cinéma [Yes, it’s cinema], Campanotto Editore, Udine (Italy), 2009.

SALVADÓ, Alan: “Les cieux chez Gus Van Sant” [The sky in the works of Gus Van Sant] in DUBOIS, Philippe (Ed.): EXTENDED CINEMA, Campanotto Editore, Udine (Italy), 2010.

SALVADÓ, Alan: “Sharon Lockhart, nouveaux regards sur le temps du travail” [Sharon Lockhart, a new look at worktime] in DUBOIS, Philippe (Ed.): CINEMA, CRITIQUE DES IMAGES, Campanotto Editore, Udine (Italy), 2012.