Sonia Páez de la Torre (Argentina, 1984). Bachelor of Arts (2010) from the Nacional University of Tucumán, M.S. in Youth and Society (2014) from the University of Girona, and PhD student (FI, AGAUR, 2015) of the Department of Education at the University of Girona. While she was college student, she worked as the Chair of “Hispano-American Literature I” (2005-2008), where she developed teaching, research and non-formal education activities. During 2009-2010 she received a scholarship from the Science and Technical Secretary of the National University of Tucumán, to carry forward her research project to finish her studies. She has worked as a teacher in several secondary schools (2008-2013). She has studied Social Psychology in depth (2010-2012). In 2012, she began to study youth by creating the GRUPEJU (Interest Group in Youth Studies). She held activities for academic assistance (AGAUR) designed to support teachers at the Department of Social Education at the University of Girona (2013-2014). She has collaborated on the research teams HEBE (University of Girona) and JOVIS (University of Lleida) since 2014.


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