Research technician

Ana Mar López Contreras (Llançà, 1991), an ampurdaness settled in Barcelona, ​​graduated in Audiovisual Communication and now begins his career in the world of digital storytelling. Interested in webdocs, virtual reality and genre hybridization, is currently immersed in two interactive narrative projects. He is currently working on the development of the science-fiction interactive comic Mars Oddity, incubated in residence with the ICEC StartingLab program and now residing at Mediaestruch. His tasks at the HEBE webdesign have been to devise the interactive narrative structure, video editing and tutoring in film pedagogy workshops.


A. López, J. Solà, C. Coronado, E. Domínguez, I. Díaz and M. López, a Del llibre a la pantalla i més enllà, Barcelona, 2017.