Research results

The results of the HEBE Project must be used to generate knowledge among youth workers and identify those elements that best serve the empowerment needs of young people. In addition, they must contribute to decision-making in different areas of public policies.

Among some of the specific results, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • The scientific contribution of the project, which can be consulted in the “Works cited” section of this website.
  • The HEBE web.doc. An interactive documentary in which a group of young people share their experience on the processes, places and times where they encountered empowerment throughout their youth. It also includes an audiovisual pedagogy workshop as a youth empowerment experience and creative space.

The rubric for evaluating youth empowerment actions and programmes. A tool based on the nine dimensions that have been associated with youth empowerment, according to which 27 indicators have been developed that are broken down to facilitate their analysis and subsequent evaluation by education teams wishing to incorporate youth empowerment in their work.