Conference of the Interdisciplinary Group on Educational Policies  

On the last 12th of june the HEBE project was presented at the conference of the Interdisciplinary Group on Educational Policies (GIPE) at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The presentation of the HEBE project Identification of factors that strengthen and limit youth empowerment: analysis of the discourses and practices of educators was given by Anna Ciraso, Laura Corbella and Paloma Valdivia. They exposed about the research lines of the project specifying its objectives, methods and design of work, professionals involved, research processes, among others.

Louise Jennings, from Colorado State University, also participated in the GIPE conference with the presentation Student Agency and Empowering Pedagogies: Supporting Students as Critical Citizens and Lifelong Learners; Álvaro Choi de Mendizabal, from the University of Barcelona, with The evolution of gender gaps in numeracy and literacy between childhood and adulthood; and Aina Tarabini, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with Edupost16. The construction of post-16 educational opportunities. An analysis of transitions to post-compulsory secondary education in urban contexts.

During the morning there was also a roundtable discussion on youth training, employment and empowerment. Jose Alonso, in charge of the Yob Project at Fundación Exit, and Begonya Gasch, from Fundación Llindar, gave dynamism to the two round tables in the area of occupation and in the area of school, respectively.